An Edgy Twist on the Classic Black Dress

You may have heard the famous fashion rule that every woman should own a little black dress.

Affectionately known as ‘The LBD’, this staple item should traditionally be simple enough to outlast fashion fads and withstand changing trends.

Ideally, your LBD can be dressed up for a night on the town or toned down so that you can wear it to work.

With this sound logic in mind, I personally feel it is one of the most important pieces in your wardrobe and one you shouldn’t hesitate to invest in.

Now, assuming you already have one of these in your closet, I wanted to share with you an edgier and more daring twist on this classic item.

I recently came across this bold and sophisticated black dress by Alexander McQueen which juxtaposes both elegance and attitude – a harmonious balance which I personally strive to achieve in my wardrobe:

Alexander McQueen Glamour Chic Style Asymmetric Wool blend Mini Dress Black

Alexander McQueen – Asymmetric Wool-blend Mini Dress – Black (£1,685)

I am loving how the structured base is perfectly complemented by the sashay – a beautiful feminine touch.

A recent seminar from a London Fashion Stylist really got me thinking about cost-per-wear and given the price point of this dress, I found myself pulling together multiple looks to justify the price tag.

Here is how I would personally style this fabulous find.

Look 1: Bold, Black but Beautiful

Bold black but Beautiful Alexander Mcqueen Black Dress bag and Black Heels

Christian Louboutin – Pigalle Follies 100 Suede Pumps – Black (£470)

Alexander Mcqueen Studded leather mini clutch (£1,595)

Alexander McQueen – Asymmetric Wool-blend Mini Dress – Black (£1,685)

If you have been following me for a while, you will know of my obsession with black and gold.

Since it’s a combination I’m quite fond of in the interiors space, I couldn’t possibly resist translating this over to my wardrobe.

I have kept the shoes unfussy (is that even a word?) in an attempt to keep the attention on the dress.

The same cannot be said for the bag though, this is another statement in itself and longs to be noticed. However, it doesn’t overshadow the dress since it is also in black.

Look 2: Powerful and Glamorous

Powerful and glamourous red balmain blazer gold pumps alexander mcqueen black dress

Balmain Red fitted blazer (£1,474)

Gianvito Rossi – 85 Metallic Leather Pumps – Gold (£343)

Alexander McQueen – Asymmetric Wool-blend Mini Dress – Black (£1,685)

I think it goes without saying that this looks takes some guts to pull off but there is something to be said for your outfit giving you confidence rather than you believing that you have to have the confidence to pull this off.

With that in mind, I honestly believe you could take on the world with this bold and courageous outfit.

I have matched the shoes with the gold hardware on the Balmain blazer.

Look 3: Soft and Structured

Soft and Structured alexander mcqueen dress pink satchel bag and velvet pumps

Alexander McQueen small insignia chain satchel (£1,295)

Jimmy Choo – Romy 100 Velvet Pumps – Antique rose (£450)

Alexander McQueen – Asymmetric Wool-blend Mini Dress – Black (£1,685)

In an attempt to soften this bold dress, I came across this pastel pink bag (also from Mcqueen) with gold hardware and these velvet pink pumps from Jimmy Choo which changes the look and feel completely but remains true to the spirit of the dress.

So there you have three very different looks all achieved by the one dress.

How would YOU accessories this? Let me know in the comments below.